Tuesday, March 29, 2016

How I turned the Pixel C into my new laptop

Recently Google came out with a tablet that would become their flagship tablet. The Pixel C. Most people believe the Pixel C was originally a Chrome 2-1 that didn't work out.

When I first started using the Pixel C I was not impresseed. Sure the size of the tablet was nice. But it lacked many of the things the iPad Pro had including multi screen support and a long list of tablet ready apps.

Well after some corrections I was able to fall in love with the Pixel and use it as my primary computer. They were -

1) Download the new Android M Beta. For a beta copy it is awesome. Very little problems, in fact enough that I forget I am using a beta product. This beta brings dual screen control to the game which is needed for multitasking.

2) Downloaded a rotate app and set it up for Landscape Only mode in dock. This little change opened the tablet to every app on the app store. If I open an app that is not meant for tablet, the app keeps it in landscape mode and the app, although stretched out a little uses good use of the real estate.

3) Set up a remote desktop system - Sometimes  you just need to use a PC. If it is for  running pc software to coding. I can log into my computer and work on it from my small tablet.

4) The biggest done, and the one that makes the Pixel stand up over the iPad Pro - Mouse Support. Sometimes you need to work on a website in its native form and it is not touch friendly. Even though Apple has the amazing Apple Pencil (The Pixel's downfall) the iPad Pro does not allow mouse support. On the Pixel I am able to link a bluetooth mouse with the tablet and use it like a laptop.

These 4 things have helped me turn my Pixel C into my daily driver of tablets. Have you switched to tablet only on the road? Share your experiences with me.

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