Friday, April 1, 2016

Vlogging or Blogging?

This day in age there are generally two ways for a novice like myself to get my message out to masses. Blogging and Vlogging.

First off a Blog is the easiest way since you don't need to speak well, don't need to worry about camera shyness. don't even really need to write well - I am a prime example of this.

But when you look at blogs there are thousands of them. And without Google Reader (May it rest in Peace) it is very hard to keep track of your reading material. There is no general great way of continuously reaching your readers. Sure you can have the subscribe to your email blasts. Mail Chimp does a great job with this. But does it? I get well over a thousand emails a day. Unless the title is so intriguing that I NEED to open the email it will go the way of the rest of the emails in my inbox, never read.

Sure there is Feedly. I use it actually and like it, but does it really work as well? Is it just another email program, piling with lost blog posts waiting to be read?

Some, like Mike Elgan, have done well using Google+ to get his message out to his readers.

But say you are like Mike with millions of followers and you generate traffic. Are you making money on it? Highly doubtful. I am not seeing people making millions on a blog. So why bother?

Then you have Vlogging. YouTube is the king of the blogs. If you want to be seen you move to YouTube. But again here you are lost in a land of good looking people trying to be famous. You do come upon someone that fits a niche, like technology and they have lots of views. And I know you can make money on YouTube. But again how does someone like me, A 40 something man, old and fat, going to get viewers on a Vlog when you have college age women and men who look much nicer then I do getting the hits.

So is the internet becoming High School again? Is it the popular kids are the ones getting the internet gold, or is the internet the Wild West, home of the free where anyone can make it?

What do you think of all this? Do you have suggestions? Leave a comment and let's discuss.